Hello! I'm Simone.

I design services and experiences centered around people's needs.

As a designer and consultant, I work for government organisations, NGOs and the private sector.

Simone Carrier

What I do


Understanding people and organisations

  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic and guerilla research
  • Synthesis workshops
Light bulb

Developing ideas and strategies

  • Co-creation workshops
  • Concept visualisation
  • Prototyping (paper, digital, experiential)

Delivering impact and change

  • Concept and usability testing
  • Minimum viable products
  • Agile delivery
  • Stakeholder engagement

Helping others to think like a designer

  • Innovation labs
  • Skills transfer and capability building
  • Design thinking workshops

What I love

Designing for positive change

Designing for positive change

I love using human-centred design as a tool to solve problems that really matter – and at the same time drive innovation, identify business opportunities and save money.

Collaborating and co-creating

Collaborating and co-creating

I love working transparently with multidisciplinary design teams that empower users to solve their own problems and engage stakeholders actively in the design process.

Helping people to grow

Helping people to grow

I love sharing my experience and skills generously with team members and stakeholders. Design capabilities support clients to create a more lasting impact.

Having a plan and changing it

Having a plan and changing it

I love developing solid plans – and taking on the challenge to improvise when circumstances change.

Projects I worked on

Clients I worked for

Emirates Government Service Excellence Program
Surrey County Council
Department for Business Innovation & Skills
Dorset County Council
Deutsche Post

Stuff I talk about

Service Conference Global / Amsterdam

Exploring the role of an organisation’s culture when teaching 80 public service professionals to design services in a human-centred way.

Co-presented with my client Muna Al Dabbah.

Service Experience Camp / Berlin

How to increase the designer’s impact when building design capabilities and sharing skills with clients alongside projects.

Service Design Podcast

Why Service Design in the public sector needs to become better and how teams need to be set up to deliver change.

World Usability Day / Stuttgart

Methodologies designers can use to include user research in their everyday practice - even without having time, budget or permission.

Design for Europe / Vilnius

Applying human centred design to the challenges of the public sector.

I’d love to do a talk on chairs.

Stuff I talk about


Drop me a line if you’d like to see my portfolio, collaborate or have a coffee.